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Improving Your Small Business Website Is One of The Fastest Ways to Improve Your Profits!

The best way to see what we do is to view our portfolio of websites we have designed, we believe our portfolio speaks for itself.   Now not all website design companies are created equal.  There are lots of great website design companies that can create beautiful websites, BUT you need so much more to succeed online, then just a beautiful website.

What makes us different from a lot of small business web design companies is that we are search engine marketers first and website designers second.  This means we don’t build websites that only look beautiful – we build websites to help our clients make more money.  We are focused on  usability, bounce rates, conversions, traffic, and much more.

There are two different kinds of small business web designers out there: those that are only interested in making websites look pretty and those who want to help you make more money.   We are the type of design company that wants to help your small business make more money.

Our Website Design Formula Makes You More Money

So not only can we build a beautiful search engine-friendly website that can compliment your products, services and brand, we can also build a website that is proven to convert your website’s traffic better, thus helping you grow your business faster.

We build websites that are:

  1. Aesthetically Beautiful
  2. Easy to Navigate
  3. Search Engine Friendly
  4. Mobile Friendly
  5. Proven to Convert
  6. Small Business User Friendly

We have literally built hundreds of websites for small businesses. In doing so, we have developed a website design formula that typically helps small business websites attract more search engine traffic and convert that traffic into more leads than most regular websites. (Read our case studies here.)

Why Your Website MUST Look Good

When you are looking to buy a car, do you gravitate to the old beaters, or to the brand new models…?  If you wanted to eat a banana, do you pick the one that is bruised, or the one that looks ripe and yellow…? Of course, most of us would agree that we want what looks fresh and new.  The same is true of your website:  if it doesn’t look professional, or if your photos look fuzzy, or even if it looks a little out-dated, you are losing business to your competitors.

You only have one shot to present a good first impression and you don’t want to muck it up by having an out-of-date website.   Your website is a 24/7 salesperson who can pre-sell (even close) sales for you 365 days of the year (even while you are sleeping).   How much would it cost you to pay a full-time employee to sell your products and services every year…?  A small fortune, right?  Your website needs to be given a real budget and the same respect you would give a real professional salesperson.

Investing in a beautiful website that is proven to convert should pay off tenfold on your investment.  In fact, it’s one of the fastest ways to get a ROI on pre-existing sites that already have traffic.

Are You Making it Easy For Your Potential Clients To Do Business With You?

We are website usability experts and understand how to structure a website to make it easy for your potential customers to do business with you.  One of the most common mistakes that small businesses make with their website’s design is that they do not make it easy for people to do business with them.  Your website’s homepage must contain all the most important aspects of your products and/or services, especially your contact information when offering a local service.  Your navigation must make logical sense and ideally if you have lots of pages, you will want to have some sort of breadcrumb links built in as a sub-nav.

Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

Because we specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), even when you do not hire us to do SEO, we still do the basic keyword research to identify site structure and to help you make the on-page content as search engine-friendly as possible.   This one benefit alone exceeds most other website designers’ skills.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

I think we can all agree that in today’s marketplace, smartphones and people who use their mobile phones to surf the internet are increasing by the minute.  Studies have proven that people who search on their mobile phones typically convert into sales at a much higher percentage than laptop/desktop surfers.  If your website does not format correctly on a mobile phone, you are losing some of the lowest hanging fruit available to your local business. (How to check if your website is mobile friendly.)

Are You A/B Split Testing to Improve Your Website’s Conversions?

As the famous Gary Halbert used to say: “To be the best you’ve got to test. It ends all debates and gives your mind a rest.”

One of the coolest things you can do with internet marketing is the quick and affordable split testing of your website to incrementally increase your conversions over time.  A/B split testing a website is when you present one version of a site to a specific amount of traffic while presenting a different version of your website to another specific amount of traffic.  Then you measure the results to see which version converts better.  Split testing is a great way to improve your leads, sales and profits.

We can set up your website so you can easily do split testing.  We also bring forward all our knowledge from previous split testing campaigns and past usability tests, so we’d begin with a website that is proven to convert better than most.

Can You Easily Update Your Own Website Without a Web Designer or Webmaster?

We believe in building websites that are user friendly.  We build websites that allow you to easily update, edit and add unlimited amounts of pages or any content.  This one feature alone can save you thousands of dollars in website maintenance and/or designer fees.

All the websites we design are created on content management systems (CMS) that are very user friendly.  Usually we will build websites out using WordPress (learn more here why WordPress rocks), but our team can program and design in almost any format: html, flash, CSS, php, etc.

Have an Existing Website Design?

We build brand new websites and offer redesign of existing websites. The latter typically is often the bulk of our work. This where companies are not happy with their current look and feel of their website, or have not seen a significant return on their investment.  A website redesign can be a complete over haul or it be a simple tweaking some minor elements to your existing site.  Each case is unique and it’s best for us to evaluate it together.

Hiring Us for Your Website Design Project

Even though our head office is located in Toronto, we can service any business anywhere in the world.  With software tools and technologies like Go-To-Meeting, Skype, Dropbox and Google, we can accomplish anything we normally could in person, virtually.   In fact, we even hold meetings this way with our local clients in Toronto, ON Canada.

We would love to hear from you – contact us today so we can talk about your small business website needs and to see if we are a good fit.

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