Social Media Marketing

We offer affordable social media marketing services

Our team can help your small business have a presence on ALL the major social sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIN
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Why Social Media?

With over 800 million active users on Facebook and 200 million on Twitter, it’s obvious that social media has the spotlight, and folks – it’s not stepping out any time soon.

Social media now makes up the bulk of all time spent on the internet. It’s where people find their news and entertainment. It’s where consumers go to find products, services, and brands. It’s where customers share their experiences. It’s where the world converges and the people connect.

In short, social media offers a direct, streamlined path right to your target audience, and it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

The Opportunities

If you’re still wondering how you can leverage social media in your business, take a look at the numerous opportunities it presents:

  • Brand awareness
  • Customer support
  • Reputation management
  • Lead generation
  • Community involvement
  • Product launch and promotion
  • Polling and feedback
  • Consumer engagement
  • Strategic alliances
  • Expertise building
  • News and content distribution
  • Public relations

The Numbers

Still not convinced? Take a look at some of the most current statistics about the top social media sites. We think you’ll agree – these facts are pretty compelling:

  • Social media sites and blogs reach 80% of all active U.S. internet users. (That means your clients and customers are definitely there.)
  • 60% of marketers have implemented a social media strategy, or will in the next year. (That means your competition is probably already there too!)
  • 63% of marketers are either vaguely aware or not aware what is being said about their companies online. (Do you know your company’s online reputation?)
  • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are now considered cornerstones of most social-media strategies in larger companies.
  • Pinterest has 10.4 million registered users (and growing). (via AppData) 
  • A study by US company Arketi Group has found 92 per cent of journalists writing for B2B publications use LinkedIn, 85 per cent of journalists are on Facebook, 84 per cent use Twitter.

Our Small Business Social Media Marketing Plan Includes:

Facebook Page Optimization

  • Review and optimization of ‘About Us’ information and ‘Company Details’
  • Setup of custom Facebook URL
  • Optimization of app display settings
  • Optimization of other wall settings
  • Selection and upload of coordinating stock cover image

Twitter Profile Optimization

  • Review and optimization of ‘Bio’ information
  • Upload of coordinating stock Twitter background graphic

Daily Updates on Facebook and Twitter

  • Updates to establish personality and persona of client’s company
  • Unique updates designed to encourage engagement

Daily Content Sharing on Facebook and Twitter

  • Promotion of company website and blog posts
  • Posting of industry-related 3rd Party content sharing to establish expertise

Comment Responding on Facebook and Twitter

  • Timely responses to all comments directed toward client
  • Timely responses to re-tweets and #ff type mentions on Twitter
  • Timely responses to personal messaging on Facebook page

24/7 Online Reputation Monitoring

  • Monitoring of all social networks continually for brand mentions
  • Employment of monitoring software to monitor the rest of the web
  • Response to or report findings as appropriate
  • Forwarding of all customer service related content and questions as appropriate

Targeted Engagement on Twitter

  • Development of targeted interaction lists on Twitter
  • Direct engagement with targeted Twitter users
  • Building of Twitter relationships through RTs and @ replies

Targeted Network Building on Twitter

  • Following of strategically selected users
  • Cross-promotion of social media networks
  • Aggressive management of Twitter follow/unfollow ratios

Cross Promotion of Networks

  • Posting of invitations to follow, like, circle, etc. client’s other network profiles

Add Social Media Icons to Website and Blog

  • Selection of social media icons that compliment client’s brand
  • Installation of icons on website/blog and link to social media profiles

Note: This service assumes a simple installation without extensive coding or code manipulation.

Monitor Twitter for Key Buying Phrases

  • Employment of monitoring software to mine key buying phrases from Twitter users

Respond to Key Buying Phrases with Offers

  • Replying to relevant users posting key buying phrases with appropriate client offer
  • Ongoing conversation development with responsive users

Twitter Visibility Boost

  • Uploading of unlimited number of general tweets*
  • Uploading of unlimited links to client’s blog and website*
  • Uploading of unlimited tweets for discounts and promotions*

*Provided by client in pre-formatted form

Facebook Page Visibility Campaigns

  • Liking of key Facebook pages
  • Development of key influencer lists on Facebook
  • Posting of comments on wall posts of key influencers
  • Posting of value-add posts on walls of key influencers

Detailed Reporting

  • Creation of various relevant reports, compiled and sent monthly

Expanded Networking with Google Plus

  • Creation and optimization of Google Plus Business Page (G+)
  • Daily posting to G+ page
  • Daily responses to all comments on G+ page
  • Posting of strategic G+ posts, designed to maximize SEO
  • Identifying and ‘Circling’ of key influencers on G+
  • Management of G+ Circles

LinkedIn Group Networking

  • Optimization of LinkedIn personal profile
  • Finding and joining of strategic LinkedIn Groups
  • Posting of engagement-style content to ensure daily visibility in LinkedIn Groups
  • Response to all comments to client’s posts on LinkedIn Groups

Facebook Ad Campaign Management

  • Creation of multiple ads per campaign
  • Selection and filtering appropriate demographics
  • A/B split testing of up to 3 ads per campaign
  • Analysis of ad performance and making adjustments as necessary
  • Ongoing tracking and reporting of campaign results
  • Facebook ad credit (client matching recommended)
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