Where Did All The Google Places Meta Descriptions Go…?

Not sure yet if this is a bug or a Google Places update….?   It’s 12:42 EST time on Feb 14, 2012 {…Oh, hey! Happy Valentines Day! ;)}  and I am not seeing any meta descriptions in the SERPs for any listings that are associated with Google Places on both ‘blended’ and ‘pure’ search results.

Also, seeing a new kind of local map snippet (not old) but showing up like crazy in the SERPs too now.

Thoughts…?  Anyone else seeing this?


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4 Responses to “Where Did All The Google Places Meta Descriptions Go…?”

  1. Good catch, Matt. can’t see M. Description in the UK too. But have a look at the 1st GP listing here – http://tinyurl.com/7gmonhf . How come they still got it?

    About the + box (with the map)- That’s an old thing. Having hCard with your address in it, prompt the process to get this + box to be associated with your your organic listing.

  2. Yam, oh didn’t know it was an hcard thing, but i am seeing on some client sites that did not have hcard set-up. Weird.

  3. Same over here in New Zealand, descriptions gone.

    It’s another Panda attack, this time on places. There is a lot of spam and in-correctly structured listings all around the world. This is probably a big clean up.

  4. Kiwi, I think a BIG update might be on it’s way soon. When there is this many bugs, usually means update.

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