Easy Easy Easy – 3 Things Business Owners Should Be Doing On Social Media Everyday


 As I was scouring the internet today looking for the latest information on social networking, it occurred to me that the amount of time and effort business owners have to put in to their actual businesses that most of them just need a quick, concise  list of a few things they can concentrate on in order to get the most out of their Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts.

Social media is about engaging the public, both people that follow you and those who have yet to join, and give them useful, entertaining information about not only your business, but also insight on who you, as a business owner are. This can be done in many ways.

In an article I read that gives 40+ tips on “How To Become A Social Media Rock Star“, I decided to focus on three of the best tips that I could find, that are easy to implement into your day to day life, will give the client or potential client an idea of the services offered by your business, as well as give them an insight into your personality and a feeling of connecting to you, which will build familiarity and trust in you and your services.



1. Facebook – This is the biggest social media networking service by far (set to hit a billion users by August), most people are already on Facebook to some extend, but using it to promote business can be a little trickier. The number one thing that you can do on Facebook to promote yourself and your business is to interact with your friends and followers.

TIP Wish people a Happy Birthday. Make sure you go through the list of birthdays everyday and take two minutes to wish the people on your birthday list a happy day. This will not only make the follower feel good that someone has recognized their birthday, but you will also show up in their News Feeds more which will give them an opportunity to see products and promotions your are posting on Facebook, which could be shared with the people they follow.

2. Twitter – Does not have as many users as Facebook, but it is a quick and easy way to let your followers know what you and your business are up to.

TIP – With the ease of using this service from a Smartphone it allows business owners to share, in real time exactly what they are doing. If you are in home renovation for example, Tweet a picture from the work site you are on showing progress made, if you own a flower shop, take a picture of your client receiving their flower delivery and Tweet it. I like this tip, because most business owners do not have a lot of time to be in front of their computer working on social media, but it takes less than a minute to snap a picture and Tweet it out.

3.  Google Plus – With the connection to search, Google Plus may be your most important social marketing tool, not only to engage with clients and potential clients, but also to improve you Google organic search results.

TIP – Google Plus is a little more complicated to use as a social media marketing tool, and because it takes more to get right (which is our job by the way) the best thing a business owner can do is to use the +1 button when using search. It is good practice to hit the +1 button for businesses and services you use. If you like a particular business, or maybe one of your suppliers, hit the +1 button in order to show the businesses you have had good experiences with. This will allow you to share with your clients your recommendations, therefore building trust, and each time someone searches for a particular business you have +1’d,  your information will show up, building familiarity with your clients. It is a quick and easy thing to do that will help you interact with people in the quickest way possible.

This article had a lot of great information in it, but I think for the small business owner, if you try an implement these 3 things into your regular day and leave the rest up to the experts (namely us!), you will see that a couple of simple things can not only improve your interaction with clients, but the trust factor your followers have with you will see them returning as clients in the future.


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