6 Homepage Must Do’s

A great deal of time and effort goes into planning what a site’s homepage will look like. This is obviously because the homepage is esentially  the ‘cover page’ of the website.The challenge in making a good hompage is staying focused on the primary goal of selling your product or service, and making the user experience clear and comfortable in order to achieve this goal.

I’d like to share this article I discovered, titled ‘6 Things You Home Page Must Do (To Keep From Sucking)’ which talks about 6 specific targets that should be met by anyone wanting to have a more effective homepage.

6 Targets Your Homepage Must Do:

  1. be clear about your main benefits; don’t get confused between features and benefits
  2. speak the user’s language; put things in terms your average person can understand
  3. communicate who your customers are so users know if they are at the right place
  4. show passion for your service or product
  5. show that you’re a trustworthy business
  6. guide users to whatever your sales goal is

What are some other targets your homepage must contain?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Oh! and if you didn’t catch our blog post from last week that features a 1 hour video on how to improve conversions, we highly recommend you check it out.



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