How to Direct Messages Your Fans From Your Facebook Places Page

You Cannot Direct Message ALL your Fans with the New Timeline Facebook Pages Anymore

I get this question all the time. “How do I broadcast or send a direct message to ALL my fans?”

You may recall that Facebook nixed the feature to be able to send your fans a private message en masse.  It used to be known as an “Update.”  I miss that ability to do so.  Mary Smith does hint that it may come back (note this was back in Feb of 2012 and still now update yet as of Oct 2012).  Guess they are worried us marketers are going to spam the crap out of our fans.

The Facebook rules state that pages can’t initiate the contact. A fan has to message them first to be able to private message a fan. The page then can’t send more than two messages until the fan then responds again.  Jon Loomer does a good job of explaining the details in the video above, so I am not going to rehash what he did brilliantly already.


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  1. Facebook’s new rules can be a pain to fans because a lot of businesses (like the one mentioned above) offer an incentive (promo codes, PDF’s, Ebooks, etc) for liking their page. To me, if a company spams its likers then the liker should just unlike them and they wont receive any more messages from them. This ability should be a legitimate deterrent for companies NOT to do so. This is just common sense.

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