5 Facebook Timeline Features You Need To Know

Love it or hate it, Facebook’s new format known as ‘Timeline’ is here to stay. If you are just now making an effort to update your company’s page with the new format and unsure of what you need to do, here are the 5 features you absolutely need to work on first.

1. Cover Image

851 width x 315 height

With this being the largest image on the page, there is an opportunity to be creative and use an interesting photo that best portrays what your business is about. If it’s a challenge to find a photo that represents your business, perhaps you can use this space to show off a nice shot of your store front or new office interior. The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding what will go in this area, is that Facebook is strict about what you are allowed to display. That’s why you should be careful using promotional messages and stick to just a good photo and maybe incorporate your company logo or wordmark if you decide not to put a logo in your Profile Image.

Facebook will NOT ALLOW the following in your cover image:

  • Price or purchase info
  • Contact info
  • References to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ or other Facebook features
  • Calls-to-action, for example, ‘Buy Now!’

2. Profile Image

180 width x 180 height*

(*actual display size after upload is 125 x 125) This is the small square image on the left side of the base of your cover image. On personal Facebook pages, this would logically be where you’d use a headshot photo of yourself. For business pages, this is a good place to display your company logo or something symbolic of the business – for example, Coca-Cola uses their iconic Coke bottle. Keep in mind that whatever image you decide to use, it will also be displayed much smaller next to your business name in all posts you make to the page as the author/admin of the page.

3. ‘About’ Description

Located just below the Profile Image, this is where you want a short, concise paragraph of what your business is about in 155 characters or less. We highly recommend you include your website address somewhere in here since you can’t mention it in your cover image. Include the ‘http://’ so that it’s clickable.

Important things to note:

  • You must enter this entire description into the field labeled ‘About:’. If need be you can put more detail in the field labeled ‘Description:’ but users will only see this if they click the About area to read more.
  • If after you’ve saved your ‘About’ field and you still don’t see this text showing up on your page (instead you see your address and phone number), you need to do the following: Click on your About area to edit it again. On the page you’ll see ‘Basic Info’ on the right half of the page – click ‘Edit’ for this section. In the very first dropdown for ‘Category:’, you likely have ‘Local Businesses & Places’ selected which is programmed by default to display contact info on the About area. Change the first dropdown to ‘Websites & Blogs’ and the second dropdown to ‘Business/Economy’.

4. Featured Content Boxes

111 width x 74 height (each)

These boxes replace the functionality of the menu of content ‘tabs’ that appeared on the left side of the page in the old format. Now there are 4 rectangular boxes below the cover image that are used to feature sections of your Facebook page. With the exception of ‘Photos’ which is locked in the first position, the other 3 boxes can be customized to be your most important content. If you have some really cool apps to show off, this is definitely where you want people to notice and click the boxes to check them out. Note that you can have more boxes than the 4 that are initially visible, but users will need to click the little arrow down button to the far right of the 4 images to expand out the rows of other boxes. You’ll also need to click on this little arrow down button when you are editing this section. Once the boxes area is fully expanded, you’ll see pencil icons in the top right of each box. Clicking the pencil icon will give you options to edit, including the ability to change the graphic for the box, as well as ‘Swap position with’ which is how you can re-arrange the order of the boxes.

5. Highlight ‘Sticky’ Posts

A great new feature is the ability to ‘pin’ specific posts to the top of the page for a longer period of time because of their higher importance. To do this, hover over a post and then click on the Pencil icon. You can also make your very important posts span the full width of the page by clicking the Star icon. We’d recommend you keep double width posts to a minimum for to make these posts really stand out.


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