How to Mine Your Competitor’s Websites For Backlinking Opportunties

Why I decided to Share This

I usually DO NOT like Sharing our internal tutorials WITH the public, but every once in while I like to show folks what it takes to do some simple link building research.   This is a tutorial we use to train juniors on our team.   It’s time consuming and a bit tedious, but MUST be done if you plan to compete with your competitors online.  I am sharing it because I think it’s important for small businesses to understand some of the the ‘work’ involved in SEO.  As you can see in the video (above) this one strategy of link building (there are literally 100’s), took 40 minutes to find 2 low quality backlinks and 1 decent backlink.

Why Small Businesses Want to Partner with SEO Firms

It’s also a very good reason why small businesses need to partner with a quality SEO company to do the heavy lifting like this for them.   SEO can be time consuming, but when you partner with the right company who has been doing this for a long time, not only have they done this for your company, but probably dozens (maybe even 100’s more).   This means they have a HUGE database of link opportunities laying around to help your website rank better fast!   Often you’ll get to tap into their huge database of tools.  I think we pay (at least) $2000/month in SEO tools to help us mine the competitors and to reverse engineer what is going on.  Most small businesses could never afford to get access to those tools on their own and afford the ‘work’ of SEO at the same time.

Tools Needed to Do This SEO Task:

To Do’s:

  1. Get data from top 10 rankings on select keywords
  2. Get averages
  3. Find link opportunities from the competition
  4. Organize it all inside a spreadsheet
  5. Decide which ones are not spammy and get them too
  6. Then go out and get more links of equal quality or higher from your competition
  7. Viola, higher rankings!

That’s it folks!  Not brain surgery, but necessary to do.  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. Awesome idea, rather sneaky I must say 😉 thanks for sharing Matthew!

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