How to See Who is Checking into Your Facebook Business Places Page?

Facebook Checkins

A lot of our clients are aware that Facebook Places has cell phone applications like Foursquare and Gowalla where Facebook is able to use GPS technology to track users’ locations, these applications allow users to “check in” to locations they visit and update their friends online about their whereabouts. That translates to free advertising for your business and an easy way to provide customer incentives.   This is why every small business that is location based should be rewarding people for Facebook check-ins!

How to tell who is checking in to your Facebook Places page?

Now once on of our clients gets on board with this concept the next question often is…. “who can I see who checked in?”  It’s easy!

Go to:

-> Pages
-> Show Insights
-> Insights
-> Check ins

Why Small Businesses Should Reward Customer Facebook Check Ins

Small businesses can leverage Facebook Places to market and advertise on the cheap. We suggest give an immediate discounts to customers who show you they’ve checked in, like a free appetizer at a restaurant or an extra espresso shot at a coffee shop.

Consider holding a “check-in” event and advertise that everyone who checks in will receive a special offer. Rewarding your customers for checking in will give them an incentive to return and broadcast your brand to all their friends and families news feeds.

Check-ins Increase Brand Reach

I believe the average Facebook user has about 150 friends.  So even if you can get 20 people only to check in during a week, then your brand could potentially reach 3000 + people.  And remember birds of a feather flock together, so they are much more likely to be able to buy from your business too.

Check-in Infographic

I found this awesome check in infographic from intuit and thought useful to be posted in this post too.

Facebook Marketing

If you need help with your small business Facebook, then be sure to check out our social media marketing services page.


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5 Responses to “How to See Who is Checking into Your Facebook Business Places Page?”

  1. Hi Matthew,

    Thank you for the tutorial. Am I missing something though? I don’t see where it is showing “who” checked-in by NAME. I can see the number of people that checked-in and the day and demographics, but how can I reward that person if I don’t know their name?

  2. Hi Matthew, how do you actually find out WHO has checked-in. I have a client who runs a restaurant that is providing a special return offer for anyone who checks into her Facebook Page however she cannot actually track the name of the individual who has checked in. Please confirm how this is achieved.

  3. Yes I have the same problem – not sure how to track who checks in. I can’t see the name only number of check-ins.

  4. @Robin they will only show how many checkins now “who”. Most likely for privacy issues.

  5. Hi Matthew,

    I followed your youtube tutorial on how to view checkins. However when I clicked on people, check-ins, I got a red flag. Demographic data is currently unavailable. Are you able to help in anyway.


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