The Benefits of Press Releases For Small Businesses

There is a good reason why Press Releases are very popular marketing tool for ALL businesses.

The true value of a press release is in its news-worthiness. If your PR is just thinly veiled advertising and your plan is to submit to a bunch of free PR sites to snag some links, then sadly I have to tell you its not going to be worth much.

If your PR is exciting and new, it can go viral and a press release service can help with the first steps to getting it there.  The trick with creating good press releases is to try to tie it to a current hot event.   It’s important to make sure we have something truly newsworthy to say.

When Press Releases Are Done Right They Can:

  • Send traffic to your blog
  • Give your website more visibility
  • Help to build your brand
  • Give you authority and credibility
  • Help with SEO and Citations

5 Things a Small Business Can Do a Press Release On?

  1. Announce a new product or service
  2. For winning an award
  3. Host an event
  4. Announce an employee change
  5. Share your market research

The ideas are endlessly really.  Here at SBOC we have 25-30 templates we use all the time.  We can take any of those press release templates and apply it any small business’s services or products.  Then we try to tie the press release into some current hot trend or celebrity.

How to Syndicate a Small Business Press Release?

As we stated above, syndicating your PR through a bunch of free newswires isn’t going to cut it.   You must invest in submitting via a creditable paid distribution channel like PR Web.

Here at SBOC we buy PRs in bulk from Vocus because PR Web can get to be expensive fast buying PR’s one-by-one.  This still would not be affordable for the majority of our clients, because they expect orders of 20-30+ orders at one time, but because we can pool our clients in a package we get PR’s at a lot less then your typical PRWeb costs. (Another good reason why SMB’s should partner with a local SEM agency is the pooled savings in marketing tools).

How Often Should You Submit a Press Release?

Well there is no hard rule and you should ONLY submit one if you have something to say, but we usually recommend at least one a month.  We usually use i-newswire and PRWeb (we choose the premium package) to syndicate our press releases. We also use services like Press-King and HARO to get in touch with journalists and bloggers who might want to know about our client’s release.  We recently just started playing with social press release sites like: Pitch Engine and Pressit, but offer no comment on them yet.

What are your favorite ways to get your Pree Release out?  Let us know in the comment section below.



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2 Responses to “The Benefits of Press Releases For Small Businesses”

  1. Matt:

    I use PRWeb as well to distribute press releases for my clients. I have to somewhat disagree with you on one point. it would be great if every press release was truly newsworthy as you suggest, but let’s be real here, sometimes a small business owner simply doesn’t have anything “newsworthy” to write about. Case in point, I have a fence company I’m working with and we couldn’t think of anything so we finally settled on “announcing” their number of years in business so the headline was something like, “XYZ Fence Company Celebrates 35 Years in Business.”

    I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t really a newsworthy item but we wanted to get a press release out so we settled on it. And despite what you’re saying, even “thinly veiled” advertising/press releases provide noticeable benefits for a small businesses. At least that has been my experience.

    Travis Van Slooten

  2. @Travis Fair enough. I do however find, that if you brain storm enough you could come up with something that tied the company to something newsworthy. They could have ran a contest or offered a 35 Year Discount or something tied to the fact that the company is 35 years old. A party, anything!

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