YouTube Releases Pay-per-Click

Online videos and all the video sharing sites have been around for some time now and we all understand that they are a huge part of how the web operates, especially when Google purchased YouTube for $US1.65 billion. Google even claims that 13 hours worth of video is uploaded every minute on YouTube. The most current internet marketing news is how YouTube has released PPC (Pay-Per-Click) service that enables YouTube users to have their videos appear at the top of the search results on YouTube for keywords they choose in their ad campaign. Watch this video below where Product Manager Matthew Liu explains how you can you use Sponsored Videos to promote your videos on YouTube.

Michelle MacPhearson has also written a pretty good post on how to set-up a YouTube PPC account. According to Ed Dale (30 Day Challenge’s Maverick) at his Seesmic video account he states that video will be have to be apart of every persons marketing strategy and explains that YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world.

It is obvious this will be a great opportunity for all types businesses and artists to promote and help find their niche group of fans. I can’t wait for all the success stories and new IM’ing businesses that will develop due to this new PPC platform. I will assume that the other video sharing sites will also soon follow suit with their own pay-per-click just like how MySpace followed with their own PPC after Facebook’s PPC program finding huge successes.

I am now signing up for an account and will do some testing. Once I have done a some testing I will report back with the results on how I found YouTube’s new PPC. Before I do, what do you think this will do for your business? Are you currently using YouTube and videos to market your business? If not, will this maybe become a new marketing strategy for you? Let me know in the comments below…

Oh! And if you want to sign up too… go to: YouTube PPC


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3 Responses to “YouTube Releases Pay-per-Click”

  1. Can’t wait to see your test results and read your thoughts from video marketing. It must be the wave of the future if Google is willing to pay close to 2000 million dollars for a company that loses over 700 million a year. They must see something that us, regular folk don’t. As far as human nature is concerned, I know that I’d rather see a 2min video than read a page of print on a website. And with technology as good and affordable as it is, anyone can throw up videos.

  2. Does youtube have distribution for content creators? Can we upload our videos and earn money for every time our video is vieweed?

    Janet Arneau

  3. they offer adsense on your videos, so you can make money from clicks, but I don’t think they offer money for views.

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