Using Twellow to Network on Twitter

Learn how to find niche related people who are already on Twitter through using Twellow. If you are going to follow people on twitter it only makes sense to follow those who are already interested in a similar businesses, right? Watch the Twitter video below and then tell us your favorite way to network with other people on Twitter…? Oh! And you can follow me on Twitter here: @smbusinesscoach

Another Post you Must Read if you want to become a Twitter Pro:

101 Ways to Rock and Be Rocked by Twitter by Shama Hyder. I printed this list off and have it now posted by my computer, to remind me of how to best use Twitter.


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5 Responses to “Using Twellow to Network on Twitter”

  1. agooddaughter is my twitter account and I really didn’t know how to maximize its usage until now. Wow! thank you so much Matthew

  2. thanks so much for the tips. I am new on twitter and just found twellow I will pass it on to my friends,Cheers to a very happy and healthy new year.

  3. Thanks Matthew. I am new on Twitter and unsure about how to use it for networking and Twellow is a really good tip. I tried to follow you but the search did not find you thru MatthewSBOC. Plaese help me to follow you. Thanks

  4. @mittontakt sorry I changed my twitter name to @smbusinesscoach

  5. It is very helpful for my small business since I am just starting my own. Thanks for sharing Matthew.

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