7 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Pinterest More Effectively

Pinterest is a relatively new social networking platform that has the world buzzing. It is one of the fastest growing social media websites with the average time spent by users on the site is a whopping 89 minutes.  This is un-heard of!

Learn 7 ways your small business can use Pinterest more effectively to grow your business.

1.    Fill out your profile – Pinterest lets you upload an image, link with Twitter and Facebook, add your website and add a bio about your and your company. Load your bio with keywords and hashtags to catch Pinterest search traffic, and also make sure your profile is filled out completely. It is also helpful to slide the “Hide your PInterest profile from search engines” button to “off” – this will help search engines find your content on Pinterest.

2.     Organize your boards – Create very niche boards for your account. You aren’t limited to the number of boards on Pinterest, so take advantage and build variety into your Pinterest content. For instance, if you’re into fashion, separate your boards into skirts, tops and suits. If you’re in the photography business, create boards with different themes (sunrise; beach; tips.) This will help your followers know exactly what they will be seeing, and can let them follow specific boards tailored to their interests. On your profile, arrange your boards in a logical way, telling a story or grouping them in similar ways.

3.     Optimize your boards – After you create and organize your boards, make sure each board is optimized with a full description (including hashtags and keywords) and has a bold, visually appealing cover image. You can choose an image you’ve pinned to represent the board, and can adjust the image as you see fit. This lets you make the biggest board impact with your image, drawing more users to follow and repin your content.

4.     Pin and repin alike – Pinterest isn’t just for pushing out content – just as you have to engage others on Twitter to be effective, you must get out there and repin your followers content. This will not only help you gain followers, but shows that you’re not just in it to promote your own content. This is especially important for businesses who operate mainly offline – if you don’t have an online store or a virtual marketplace for your products and services, your social media activities will be more about building trust with your clients and potential customers.

5.     Stay local – Consider using the Pinterest search to find others in your area with interests close to your businesses’ products or services.  Build relationships with those people through repins and comments.  Promote local activities, businesses or events through your Pinterst boards or individual pins to show your followers you’re a strong supporter of local endeavors. If you support the community, they are more likely to support you.

6.     Add images to your blog – Even though your business may be small and exist mainly offline, it’s a good idea to have a consistent blog that discusses your expertise, products and services, location, events and other content applicable to your business. With each blog post, create or find a really great image – something that is visually appealing and also represents the content of the blog. Think about using a photo editing site or program to add words, like the title or topic of your post, will help boost the visibility on Pinterest. While you can (and should) pin your own content, make it easy for your readers to pin as well. Install a “Pin it” button to your post to encourage readers to share your content.

7.     Check your sources – There has been a recent concern with copyright violation on Pinterest images, and in addition, the site has been invaded with spam and redirects instead of pointing an image to its original source. Before you repin anything, check the pin for an original source. This is not only a good service to the greater Pinterest community, but can help keep your small business out of legal hot water.

Some very interesting Pinterest Facts:

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Why All Small Businesses Should Not Ignore Pinterest

It should be clear to you now that Pinterest is a serious site that ALL small businesses should consider marketing on.  With 10 million users and where people are spending up to 89 minutes a day browsing photos, this could be a HUGE opportunity for small businesses.  Be sure to be building your community on Pinterest and sharing your local products/service photos.  Don’t forget you can share videos on Pinterest too!

About the Author: Steven Taylor has been writing about small business solutions for companies like Time Warner for nearly ten years. View their site for more information!


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  1. Steven:

    Good overview on Pinterest. This must be “Pinterest Monday” as I just read over at Don’s Expand2Web blog on the 4 core user bases on Pinterest. They are travelers, cooks/chefs, artists, and crafters. If your business is in these niches, you’ll definitely want to get on Pinterest and apply Steven’s tips to get started!

    Travis Van Slooten

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