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In this tutorial we will discuss what is the best web-hosting service providers for Small Business websites and which type of hosting is best suited for WordPress, since this is a continued lesson from our ‘The Complete Guide to WordPress for Small Businesses‘.

Web Hosting is pretty straight forward and simple.  When it comes to expenses for a small businesses this is a expense that is very low for it’s ROI.  Typically you can secure hosting for about $10-$15/month.  Some companies charge you the yearly fee upfront like HostMonster, while others like HostGator will charge you monthly for your web hosting services.

If you are going to require hosting for several websites I suggest you go with a resellers account to save money.  You can get a great resellers account for about $35/month and that should be able to host 100-150 plus small business websites.  As a general rule, if you think you will need hosting for 3 or more websites than just snag a resellers account from a company like HostNine.

HostNine is my favorite for a resellers account because they have servers in different cities and countries, which means you are getting different ‘Class-C’ IP addresses without having to pay for it – great for SEO’ers, but not really something a small business needs to understand nor know.

What you do want to make sure about your hosting is that it’s linux and that operates on C-panel and offers MySQL Databases.  Most do.  Godaddy unfortunately doesn’t offer C-panel and their hosting does not make it easy to install and activate WordPress.

If you have C-panel, MySQL Databases, and Fantastico you are then good to go.

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If you liked this tutorial on website hosting for small businesses then be sure to leave a comment in the comment section below.  If you have set-up your hosting and now would like to learn how to use C-panel and activate WordPress through Fantasico then click on the following link for the next WordPress Tutorial.


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  1. Great information. I have had a pleasant experience hosting with http://www.Bluehost.com for WordPress and small business websites as well. They also have C-Panel.

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