Quick Initial Review of WhiteSpark’s Local Rank Tracking Tool

This is a quick review of Darren Shaw’s new Local Rank Tracking Tool.  I’ll do a followup video in a couple weeks once I collect some data.

In this video you can watch me set up a campaign for the very first time.  I love that this tool is simple to use (perfect for small business owners).  I am looking forward to more “white label” features for agencies (hint, hint – Darren ;) )   My suggest for this would be a white-label pdf report to be available and to whitelabel the public url of the reports would be awesome too.

One of my favorite features is that we can track any url we want in the same campaign – super cool!

The tool is very reasonably priced and Darren was even kind enough to offer our readers a discount: SBOCROCKS

Obvious Darren has a great sense humor… you’ll see that from all his messaging and notes in the tool.  Use that discount code and get a discount!

Check out the tool here.

Check back in a two weeks for the updated video on the results of WhiteSpark’s local rank tracing tool.


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6 Responses to “Quick Initial Review of WhiteSpark’s Local Rank Tracking Tool”

  1. Thanks so much for the post and the video walk-through Matt! This is great.

    We have some great ideas around reporting and the option to white-label those reports. Should be rolling those features out in the next few months.

  2. @darren – can’t wait to see what you got up your sleeve. I am sure it’ll be totally awesome!

  3. Hey Darren and Matthew – I’m having a little trouble with the coupon code you provided. It gives me a green arrow when I enter it on the signup page, but when I proceed to Paypal it doesn’t have a discounted rate. I already am subscribed to the citation finder tool – does that have something to do with it?

    I want to check this tool out and see if it’s as great as you all say!

  4. @kyle – I’ll let darren know and have him email you direct.

  5. Hey Kyle,

    Thanks for the heads up. The bug is now fixed. I’ll email you as well.

  6. Thanks guys… gonna give it a try. Hopefully it can save me from a lot of tedious work.

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