How To Do Onpage Optimization for Local SEO – The “Perfectly Optimized Local Page” Example

The “Perfectly Optimized Local Page” Example

We put together a quick example wireframe/infographic (below) on what an ideal local optimized page would look like. Feel free to share this with those SMB’s who need it. The video above explains all the different elements of this example wireframe below.


What Contributes to rankings:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Headline (H1 & H2 Tags)
  • Permalink (slug)
  • Body/Content Optimization (have keywords in content, local mentions, etc)
  • Local Markup (schema or at least have Name, Address, & Phone on the page)

What Contributes to higher CTRs:

  • Review Markup
  • Author/Publisher Markup

The “Perfectly Optimized Local Page” Example

See the example wireframe below.

onpage local seo infographic



Download this infographic.

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27 Responses to “How To Do Onpage Optimization for Local SEO – The “Perfectly Optimized Local Page” Example”

  1. Very cool.

    It’s when you see a template set out like that, that you realise how straight forward it all should be.

    The reality is unless you get to work with the client from the start of the site going live that you don’t get to influence this kind of layout, which is a shame.

    Top post.

  2. @andy – so true.

  3. Great post, Matt. So many times I see people create local pages that are just boring local pages and they forget about the main thing – the calls to action.

    So it’s great to see that most of the content above the fold on this template is geared towards conversions, not just SEO.

    Also, these work great for local PPC campaigns 😉

  4. Thank you for this great post Matthew. I agree with Andy , you can only complete this steps if you are working with a new project from the beginning.

    When someone ask me about OnSite SEO I will send him to this post.

  5. @mark – thanks!

  6. Great infographic!

    Would love to see how you would use H2, H3 and maybe even H4’s.

  7. @mike – We H2 and H3 too. It’s a good idea to toss related terms in them too (but always write for humans first).

  8. Great info and tips, I’ll be sure to share with my designer (maybe he’ll listen to you!)

  9. This post was awesome! I’m going to be doing a post about local SEO quite soon and will definitely use this as a resource. Cheers Matthew!

  10. Good stuff, Matt.
    How about implementing social media buttons (+1’s, likes and tweets) at page level? Or in some cases even a short geo-mapped video on the page?

  11. @Stans – yeah social buttons can be great. i personally find they are more appropriate for the blog posts. As making it easy for folks to share things can bring more traffic and links, but not sure it’s on-page ranking factor. It’s a good idea, but this post was to focus on on page. I can however have social proof if you can show a lot of “likes” or “tweets”, but for most small businesses it’s really just a distraction from the main call to action…. which I like to stay focused on what it is we are trying sell.

  12. Straightforward. Can be a great template for some device projects

  13. Amazing! I’m with you on the social buttons Matt. Social sharing buttons can actually distract the prospects which can be very damaging to your conversion. The more focused your page becomes, the better results, you’ll get.

  14. Great post, Matt! I’ll have to add this post to my August local seo mashup piece, sorry for not including it for July’s!



  15. @Blake – thanks! That’d be awesome!

  16. Great article!

    Btw, NAP info on the right – is it necessary to have address there + in footer ? Or to be more specific – is it good practice to put NAP in footer with schema ?


  17. Just wanted to tell you how cool I thought this was, Matthew. Spot on!

  18. I love it! I agree with Stans about the social buttons. We usually put them on the top right. We are definitely going to incorporate Matthew’s email idea. It can only build more trust.

    Question for you Matthew. What is the best Testimonial WordPress plugin you know of?

  19. Excellent post Matthew! I appreciate the time and effort put into creating this useful post for making content optimization easy. I am going to republish this infographic in my site. Great job!

  20. @Brian – we just use “text” widget and code in some html for testimonials. I’ve tried a bunch and never been fully satisfied.

  21. Igor,

    If it’s single location, I’d recommend building NAP into the footer (sitewide) in schema markup. However, make sure you have the NAP clearly marked as well for users in the appropriate spots too. That footer NAP is really just for Google bots.

  22. I found this page because I’m looking for two things for my website: (1) a well optimized page and (2) speed. I’ve noticed that my Gravity Forms contact form is taking time to load, especially with the captcha code, adding to load time for home page. I see this template you created has a contact form. Any tips on reducing load time of page with a contact form? Thanks!

  23. In reviewing keyword research, we found terms that we should be able to rank for WITHOUT adding a geo-modifier. Would you still recommend adding in the geo-modifier even if it has far less search volume?

  24. Kathleen Rhodes December 9, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    I really enjoyed your presentation Matthew and also the wire frame example. Do you know of any existing WordPress themes that are close to what you have here? Thanks!

  25. This is one of the best Local SEO articles I have ever read…and I’ve read a lot!!
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for creating a mock homepage with the “perfect” local seo layout. It’s like a lightbulb when off in my head, “I finally get it!”

    Are there any wordpress themes out there with this layout?

  26. Canada's Best Handyman February 15, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    Well done Matt, I’m agree with Don. It’s really easy to understand and useful.

  27. I want to learn about Onpage Optimization for Local SEO but struggling from few months and still searching the bulletproof ways. Thanks to you, i got a well mentioned and explain ways of Onpage Optimization for Local SEO.

    Thank you so much for sharing this mind-blowing ideas with us. I loved the complete guide, specially the section “Perfectly Optimized Local Page”. Keep inspiring and helping us !!

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