Google LBC & Universal Search Overview

Nice work gents with the overview on how Google LBC and Universal/Local Search is working.


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  1. Chuck, thanks for stopping by. Yes I find essential that you get reviews and adjust your listings – add some changes to keep it fresh – they are kinda like Squidoo where they like updated content. Add images, add video, etc. Also some social bookmarking on the listing helps too I find. Now this all advanced Google LBC strategies. Don’t forget to have your keyword in your Business Name – that is treated like the title tag with regular SEO.

  2. Hi, I find that Google Maps is a completely different game than Google organic.

    Maybe you’re right about the different information showing up from these sources and I’m going to check into it.

    I’ve had sites listed in Google Maps for a while and then sometimes they just disappear, any ideas?

    Thanks for a great blog and great tutorials.

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