Awesome Dead Simple 5 Step Broken Link Building Strategy

I think I swiped this idea from Jon Cooper… don’t quote me on that. ¬†It was someone smart like him. ūüėČ
Step 1:  Use this search operator: history _______
Step 2: ¬†Use¬†this plugin ‘Check my Links‘¬†in chrome to¬†identify¬†broken links fast.
Step 3:  Use to try to see previous content.
Step 4: Re-create the content.  Maybe turn into a quick infographic using fiverr.
Step 5: Reach out to contact webmaster about broken links and notify them of your replacement content
Rinse and repeat.
What is your favorite BLB strategy? Share a goodie in the comment section below.

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2 Responses to “Awesome Dead Simple 5 Step Broken Link Building Strategy”

  1. This sounds pretty great Matt. Have you tried it and been successful?

  2. Yeah my team has been doing lots of fun creative link building strategies like this one.

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