Are Google Local Golden Stars Back in Canada?

I was pleasantly surprised today to see the golden stars return in Google.  I have also noticed it’s not showing on all searches I do, so I hope it’s not just a test and that it’s actually coming back to local.   I see it logged in, but not in “incognito”.  I am only searching in Chrome… so not sure if browsers matter.  If this is coming back, then this will dramatically help increase the CTRs again.

golden stars back in google local

I’ve talked in the past how I believe when those golden stars left the local SERPs it decreased CTRs before.   I’ll for sure be looking at CTRs in Google Places and Google+ Local page dashboard insights/analytics in the coming weeks to see if we get an increase in CTRs again.   If so, then we’ll know for sure how much this affects things.  I am pretty much sold that it helps improve CTRs, but if anyone has other insight in the matter please do share.

It looks like they are a little different than before because they now the the rating score back to out 5 stars next to the stars.  I personally like and welcome the golden stars back with open arms!   This is sooooo much better than the previous Zagat rating out 30 (which no one ever understood).

Who else is seeing this?  Share your comments below.



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8 Responses to “Are Google Local Golden Stars Back in Canada?”

  1. We all understand the stars and I am also very happy they’re back in the SERPs. What I can’t figure out is how they relate to the weird scores and Zagat ratings we see in the carousel. I wish Google would just go back to ratings that are universally understood.

  2. Great to see those stars back! They were confusing to me… 30/30? 30/100?

    I’m currently only seeing it when I’m logged in to my Google account. I’m running the search through from Ottawa. I had someone else run the same query and he didn’t see the stars. Not signed in + Incognito also didn’t work.

    My only thought on this is… those who see the stars likely are seeing the new Google Maps. When I had someone else do it, they didn’t see the new Maps, they were still getting the old view.

  3. @jackson that is interesting. so you are saying only those who have upgraded to using the new google maps is seeing the new golden stars. hmmm.

  4. @mary agreed. I am not sure how it’s all tied together too. do think maybe it’s just not rolled out in the carousel yet. also, very rarely do we see a carousel in Canada. it’s mostly displaying in the US.

  5. Mathew I noticed today that Google was placing these rather larger star ratings in the U.S. as well. Here is a screenshot from earlier today

  6. Now the stars have returned in the Dutch search results in the Netherlands as well, finally! (although we also don’t have the carousel, yet)

    I wonder about the effect on the CTR, compared to the “antique” Zagat-rating…

  7. @brent I am sure it’s system wide and not just Canada – that’s me just trying to find a unique way to share ;) and since I’m Canadian I try to take the Canadian angle when I can.

  8. @Eduard – I am sure it’ll increase CTRs again.

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