How to Improve Your Website’s Conversions [ Free Recorded Webinar – Watch Now!]

This is an awesome clinic by and every  SMB should watch his free recorded webinar. It is chalked full of great tips on way to improve your website’s conversions. 

Here are some ‘take-aways’ from the conversion optimization video:

  • headlines are essential
  • load time of page is important
  • forms – keep them short, the shorter the better
  • make the eye path is logical
  • simplify objectives
  • watch negative tone
  • make your Call-to-Action (CTA) clear
  • remove media distractions (don’t allow put auto-play videos and audio on your site)
  • watch disorganized content

Remember that prospects and website visitor’s ask themselves 3 things:

  1. Where am I?
  2. What can I do here?
  3. Why should I do it?

Each page on your site needs to answer those questions.  If they do not, then re-work your sales copy to answer those 3 core questions.

One of my favorite quotes was: “Friction does not occur on a page, it occurs in the mind of the prospect.”

What was one of your favorite quotes from this conversion optimization webinar?  Let us know in the comment section below.


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2 Responses to “How to Improve Your Website’s Conversions [ Free Recorded Webinar – Watch Now!]”

  1. Nice post Matthew. Your design for my site is living proof it works :)

  2. Thanks Michael! Yeah, it was awesome to watch your leads double and your bounce rate drop with the new website design. We’ll continue to keep split testing to take the conversions even deeper. Testing should never end.

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