Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt
Position: Head Coach

Matthew Hunt is a Canadian theatre actor-turned-internet junkie who helps small businesses dominate the search engines.

Matthew initially started his web career developing a half dozen successful merchant account websites in 2007 for his own small business (which he still owns to this day).

Due to working with small businesses via the payment processing industry, he quickly realized other small businesses could benefit from the same web success he experienced with his websites, so he sought after every little piece of web marketing education he could get his hands on. For the next 3 years, he spent over $100,000 in internet marketing education and applied his craft to his personal websites.

In late 2009, he offered a handful of local small businesses free web marketing services to build up his confidence in his abilities to market websites via the search engines.

Within months, he had successfully ranked every website on the first page organically, and had helped each small business improve their leads, conversions & sales.

Matthew finally felt he had received his PhD in internet marketing.

With those successes behind him, in Jan 2010, Matthew launched Small Business Online Coach’, a web marketing company that helps local small businesses market their services through the search engines.

Since then, ‘Small Business Online Coach’ has developed into an internet marketing boutique that supports over a hundred local small businesses. Matthew believes this is just the tip of the iceberg for SBOC and foresees the company having thousands of clients. In 2012, Matthew plans to also offer free and paid digital internet marketing education products specific to small businesses.

Matthew states: “People are already searching online for what most small businesses do and one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to grow a small business is to get their services in front of those internet searchers”.

Matthew is extremely passionate about online marketing and loves watching small businesses thrive and grow due to some simple internet marketing strategies that any small business can implement with the right search engine marketing partners. On a personal note, Matthew is family man with 3 young children all under four (so he and his wife have their hands full). When he isn’t working hard for small businesses, he loves being silly with his family and chilling with amazing friends.

Matthew swears by this quote:I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” - Albert Einstein

Dat To

Dat To
Position: Assistant Coach

Dat To is an ex-restaurant manager turned into an internet marketing commando.

Dat To is SBOC’s Head Project Manager, which is probably the single most important job at Small Business Online Coach. Without him, nothing would get done at SBOC. Dat has extensive knowledge of SEO, link building and how organizations need to be run. His work involves all the behind the scenes stuff like managing all the Outsourcers’ day-to-day work including assigning & checking their tasks, making sure that everyone is hitting their deadlines for each task and piecing everything together. And it all comes together to get the desired results: great online presence for all of SBOC’s clients.

On a personal note, Dat’s hobby is DJ’ing House Music. Dat has been married for almost 13 years to his sweetheart Michelle and he has four wonderful children: Joshua, 11, Grace, 8, Caleb, 3, and Caitlin, who just arrived in July, 2011.

Adam Ellis

Adam Ellis
Position:  Designer Coach

Adam has worked as a Web Designer and Art Director in a few interactive agencies in Toronto over the span of eleven years. During that time, he was responsible for the design and development of brand websites, promotional sites, online games, and online advertising. His design approach can best be described as clean & simple; a style he embraced years ago while discovering how many poorly-designed and confusing sites there were on the web.

Adam excels at applying his knowledge of information architecture and usability standards in the sites he builds because he believes that the design should always start with a solid understanding of how the website will be used. Adam has worked on business for clients such as: Molson Coors Canada, Unilever, CTVglobemedia, Workopolis, Expedia Canada, Mattel, and Loblaw Companies Limited.

On a personal note, Adam loves watching silly cartoons and spending time with his 3 children, wonderful newborn girl and his beautiful wife.

Avi Phillips

Avi Phillips
Position: Link Building Coach

Ever since he tinkered with a Commodore PET when he was 5-years-old, Avi has been enamoured with computers. As a teenager, Avi communicated with friends on BBSs with a 1200 baud modem. Now, Avi uses his PC laptop to assist small businesses to climb to the top of the search rankings.  He uses his Mac for everything else.

Avi originally joined the SBOC team as a proofreader, and has gradually taken on a variety of tasks, becoming entrenched in the science of internet marketing. He takes great pride in seeing the fruits of his labours.

It hasn’t always been bits and bytes. Avi was enrolled in arts education since fourth grade, and continued his training at an arts program in high school. Theatre school followed. The exposure to dance, visual art, theatre, film and music has defined his personality, where creativity is a daily pursuit, and the SBOC content is one outlet.

Another outlet is a website of music, films and writing that he’s currently developing.  Avi records and mixes music at his home studio, makes short films set to music, and is collecting personal stories of love and art.

Avi lives in an old Annex house in Toronto with his talented and beautiful photographer wife, their impossibly cute baby daughter, and a Siamese cat with attitude.

Sean Doherty

Sean Doherty
Position: Social Media Coach

Sean has dabbled with computers since his Dad got him his first Commodore 64 back in 1982. As a ten-year-old, he was so excited that he spent every minute on that computer, trying to do programming, playing games (Jumpman was by far a favourite!), and figuring out where the future of computers was headed. He had no idea that, less than twenty years later, his watch would have more memory than the big honking computer with Depeche Mode and Madonna stickers all over it that sat on his desk.  And that computer technology would be such a large part of his life.

Before working for SBOC, Sean had worked in Broadcast Journalism, apprenticed at the local cable station, and managed a super busy restaurant in Toronto. Sean joined the team at Small Business Online Coach because he loves writing, technology, small businesses and people. He enjoys that he can help small businesses create content that reaches their customers via the web.

On a personal note, Sean loves spending time with his dog Ben, his nephews, and his friends!

Walt Goshert

Walt Goshert
Position: Content Coach

Walt has been involved in online marketing since the very early days of the Internet, dating back to a 1994 stint with an Internet Service Provider start-up in Colorado Springs, CO. Although not a tech geek, Walt quickly realized the tremendous potential for marketing in the online world. In his role with Small Business Online Coach, he works behind the scenes proofreading, editing, and writing content used in link building campaigns.

As a native and current resident (after a 23 year adventure living in beautiful Colorado) of Lancaster County, PA. (BTW… Walt is not Amish) Walt is a golf fanatic. And, when tee times permit, he enjoys spending fun times with family and friends.

Mary Jerah Legayada

Mary Jerah Legayada
Position: Web 2.0 Content Coach

Mary Jerah Legayada is a fresh nursing graduate transformed into an SEO SYNDICATION PRO!

She discovered Search Engine Optimization while studying and was able to make a balanced life between studies and work. After her graduation, she focused on studying SEO. After a year of hard work and determination as an SEO neophyte, she’s become a real SEO syndication Kingpin.

On a personal note, she is a family-oriented person and loves to help other people. Her hobbies include listening to pop music and watching cooking shows, and she believes that she can become a great cook some day.

Angelo Jose Jaime

Angelo Jose Jaime
Position: Link Building Coach

Angelo Jose Jaime is a recent business management graduate who has dived into the University of Practical Application here at SBOC!

While in College, he joined various business activities and this lead him to realize how much he loves business and now… online marketing. He’s now learning the basics of SEO and quickly becoming SBOC’s SEO syndication expert.

On a personal note, Angelo loves to play video games, especially those in the horror genre. He is a lover of music, especially ’80s & ’90s love songs.

Miguel McKenzie

Miguel McKenzie
Position: Link Bait Content Coach

Miguel is a former bartender and an aspiring writer (even he will admit that the obvious cliché of bartender/writer is a bit overdone).

Miguel comes from a musical background as one of the founding members of the D4C Artist Collective (specializing in urban music and dance). As a writer, he frequents various sites for both insight and inspiration. Using the internet as a resource for his passion also sparked a fascination with the work that was being done at SBOC in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

On a personal note, Miguel has an undying passion for music, film, fashion and all things innovative in the arts. He is a devoted husband and a proud papa of his newborn son

Leo Gatdula
Position: Web 2.0 Link Buzz Coach

Leo is a computer enthusiast and internet junkie. He is a computer science graduate who used to work in a customer service centre as technical support representative. Leo’s interest with internet marketing started when he decided to work from the comfort of his own home. He was amazed how someone can actually make a living doing something that you love to do.

On a personal note, Leo is passionate about food and loves to cook. He also loves traveling and one of his greatest dreams is to travel to as many different wonderful places on earth as possible.


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