How You Can Use Facebook To Make Offers To Your Customers

How Facebook Offers For Business WorkAs I write this blog post, Facebook is getting some bad news from Wall Street. The stock fell today by almost 10% to a low of $20.79. The fall is being blamed on a report by U.S. financial newspaper Barron’s  that was issued over the weekend. The report stated that the actual value of Facebook stock should be at about $15.00 a share, which is a 40% drop from the IPO that Facebook made of $38.00 a share.

So what does all this have to do with small business owners like you? Well the answer is simple. The reason Facebook stock keeps dropping is that investors are having a hard time seeing how Facebook can make money for its shareholders.

So what is Facebook going to do to raise much needed cash? Well, one strategy has been the launch of the full version of “Facebook Offers”.

Facebook Offers are a way for businesses to offer discounts and deals to anyone who ‘likes’ their Facebook page, as well as increasing visibility and awareness of the business. Every time someone ‘likes’ a Facebook business page, that information is posted on the users Newsfeed, as well if someone accepts an offer, that is also posted, allowing more users to see the offer and possibility that others accepting and so on. Facebook dubs it the easiest way to see your offer go viral.

Facebook Offers Promotional Video


As you saw in the video, the way Facebook is going to make money from these offers is by charging Pay Per Click, in other words, if someone clicks on your offer you will pay a small amount. In order to determine how much exposure your offer will get depends on what your budget is. The minimum budget is $5.00.

Other Tips From The Video

Some good tips and explanations were provided in the video such as:

There are 3 types of offers:

1) In Store – people will get an email after they accept yur offer and will bring in a print out to your store, or using a mobile device, show the offer at point of purchase.

2) In Store and Online – the offer can be used either in store or through the business website where it can be redeemed at check out.

3) Online Only – This offer can only be used by visiting the business website.

The other part the business owner will need to decide on is the amount of the offer. Facebook recommends generous offers of at least 20% to reach more people. Another strategy that works well is offering something for free, Facebook says these types of offers generally work better than discounts.

For further information on Facebook Offers, read this article, or visit this Facebook page.

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